Top 5: 2016 Horror Films

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What are you favorite horror movies so far of 2016? In honor of the release of Ouija: Origin of Evilwe’re going to celebrate the unsung hero of 2016: the horror film. I’ll write a blog post soon about how bad 2016 has been as a whole for movies (read that here), but the one genre that has gotten better this year has been horror, and here are my top 5 favorite horror films of 2016:

5) Don’t Breathe. This film promised to be unique and intense, and it was exactly that. This short horror film never slowed down from it’s powerful beginning and delivered an abundance of shocks and surprises. This film is about three young adults who break into a house to steal a lot of money, and they do this because the man who lives there is blind. When the blind homeowner catches them breaking in, he expertly executes one of the three people and hunts down the other two as they try to escape. If they make a noise, he will hear and kill them, and what follows is a great and thrilling ride. Fede Alvarez‘s return to horror after 2013’s Evil Dead loose sequel is a great one, and because of the success from this film, he is taking over for David Fincher in directing The Girl in the Spider’s WebIf you want a movie that will gross you out, freak you out, and give you shivers down your spine, this film may be just for you.

4) HushNetflix, oh, Netflix, what would I do without you? Here’s a film that I stumbled upon with absolutely no clue what it was about, and I have never been so amazed with a completely blind Netflix watch as I was with this movie. Hush is about a deaf and mute woman who lives alone, in the woods, and is unable to hear a masked man break into her house. Without the ability to hear him, or call for help, she is left at an extreme disadvantage and must try to outsmart this man in order to defeat him and escape his sadistic wrath. From director Mike Flanagan, who made another great horror film, Oculusas well as this week’s Ouija sequel, he is proving that he is a horror force to be respected. If we have another James Wan on our hands, I will rejoice and celebrate Flanagan’s career for years to come. Speaking of James Wan…

3) The Conjuring 2If you’re somebody who didn’t see Sawor the first two Insidious movies didn’t do it for you, and you still weren’t convinced after The Conjuringthen this sequel is sure to prove to you that James Wan is THE name in horror movies of the century. If there’s a kind of horror that scares me the most, it’s most definitely supernatural horror; I could kick the shit out of a man if I had a weapon, but even a tank in space couldn’t save you from Casper. This film follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they take more haunting cases, and save people’s lives, and give me nightmares, all at the same time; now, they try to solve the Enfield Poltergeist case. Oh, and these films are based on true stories, so that’ll make it hard to sleep if the film didn’t scare you enough already. There’s no moment in which this film doesn’t try to spook you- even the slow scenes feel like they’re ominously building up to a scary moment. Also, I should mention that jump scares in this movie are real: there is no moment when a friend taps on glass to scare the audience and then say “just kidding” or some crap. No, this is a real horror movie if there ever was one, and you should definitely (not) watch it. Or watch this.

2) 10 Cloverield LaneSome may consider this more of a “thriller” than a “horror,” or even an “action” film at the end, but to me, as a sequel to Cloverfield, it automatically becomes a horror film, even if it’s main elements are more mystery than scary. This film follows the events of the first film, except for the fact that these characters didn’t see the monster, and are unsure of what actually happened. When Michelle wakes up handcuffed in an underground bunker, with a man claiming that he rescued her, she and the other hostage try to find out what’s going on, and if they trust the man or not. There’s a very intense dynamic between the characters, as they aren’t sure if they can trust one another, and they aren’t sure where they are or why they’re there. Of course, having seen the first movie sort of explains what might have happened, but nothing is for sure, and the movie will definitely keep you guessing until the end. I’d go ahead and say watch this one, and then watch the first film to make for the best possible viewing experience. But yeah, definitely watch both at some point.

1). Green RoomMy favorite horror film of the year is the most disturbing, the most unique, and the most terrifying of 2016. In this film, we see a young punk-thrash-metal band tour to a small bar outside of any town, and when they witness a murder in one of the rooms, they are held hostage so that the killers can make sure they won’t come forward as witnesses. Of course, carnage ensues, and this film will shock the hell out of you. Like Perri Nemiroff said, there’s nothing like watching a cast of characters that you grow to love get picked off one by one in a horrifying blood bath, more or less; she’s right, that makes for the best horror because the audience has no clue who will live and who will die, and with these characters that are all seemingly innocent and relatable, we feel for them, and fear for them, at every moment in this story. It’s a horror film for the ages, and one that will spawn many knock-offs and what-n0t’s that will never live up to the quality that this film boasts. See it, see it if you dare.

Well, I’d like to thank you for reading this post, and don’t forget to comment your opinions and share it if you liked this! I’ll see you soon… muahahaha!

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