Best of the Week: Everybody Wants Some!!

Beating out Quiz Show, Dazed and Confusedand The Little Prince to be my favorite movie of the week is Everybody Wants Some!!! Richard Linklater brings another fantastic film which now stands alongside Before Sunrise and Boyhood as one of my favorite films of his. This story, being the “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused, which was about high school kids in the 70’s, is about college baseball team in the 80’s. Specifically, we follow freshman Jake (played by Blake Jenner) as he makes friends, flirts with girls, parties hard, and plays baseball on the last weekend before the semester starts up. Sure, it sounds like your average college movie, but it is not. This film is a breath- scratch that, a blast of fresh air, not only for college films, but for films in general.

There’s really nothing that I did not love about this movie, and my favorite part was just how genuine it all felt. It would be extremely easy to make this story about some loud-mouth, beer-drinking, man-slut douche-bags who just get into trouble over and over again in just a few days, but instead, these characters were handled so well by Linklater, and performed so well by the cast, that this film becomes one of the more surprisingly endearing and romantic films that I’ve seen in 2016. If this film did not have the great cast of characters that it did, then this film would be far less intriguing, but since there are about a dozen characters, and since they’re all unique and engaging, everything works very well. Best of all: whether or not somebody thinks these are “good” characters, it’s undeniable that they are funny as hell, and this movie is fun to watch because of them.

The romance story between Jake and Beverly (played by Zoey Deutch) feels extremely natural, both between the characters, and as far as being the B-story goes. Their relationship together parallels nicely with Jake’s relationship with his teammates as he tries to win over both parties, and prove to each of them that he is a good person, and a good player (…respectively, of course). It doesn’t take long for Jake to prove to the audience that he’s a protagonist worth supporting, either, as I went into this movie expecting the silly and stupid movie I described earlier but received one that’s surprisingly profound in it’s place. If you don’t smile at least once in this movie, then I’m sorry for your loss, because this is one of the best films of 2016 and one of Linklater’s best films in his entire career. I’m going to give this film a 9/10, and a gold recommendation! Have you seen this? What did you think about it? As always, thanks for reading, share if you liked this, and I’ll see you soon!

Published by Blake Carson Schwarz

Indiana University graduate in Media and Creative Writing. I love to write my own stories as well as experience the work of others. On this site, I post reviews, essays, and other fun posts that I hope you have as much fun reading and I have writing. Please share any comments you have, I'd be happy to hear what you think! *Never a critic, always a fan*

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