Top 5: Good Movies with Bad Directors

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If 2016 has shown us one thing, it’s that great directors can make bad movies. But what about the opposite? This week, we’re looking at movies we like, by directors we don’t like. Just remember: this is a personal and subjective list, and the directors I don’t like and the movies that I do like are both just based on my own taste and experiences. Without further adieu, here is my list:

5) Big Eyes directed by Tim Burton. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Tim Burton’s style; I find his style to be excessively grotesque and therefore, his films hard to get into and enjoy. I’ve sat down and watched many of them, and tried to like all of the ones I watch, but I’ve only been able to enjoy one of them, and that’t this film. Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz give excellent performances in this true story about an artist whose husband steals her work and sells it as his own. With the fame, riches, popularity and success, he forces his wife to make as many paintings as she can, while he takes all of the credit and becomes a very controlling and abusing person, and she becomes more and more lonely and desperate for attention. I not only loved the performances, but also the aesthetic of the film, which surprised me as it is a Tim Burton film. This is just the least Burton-y film of his that I’ve seen, and that may be why I was able to enjoy it so much as a Burton film. I’m looking forward to when he returns to this sort of dramatic genre rather than his other films.

4) White House Down directed by Roland Emmerich. Roland Emmerich is known to make disaster films that are in and of themselves, disasters. Sure, he directed Indepedence Daybut also he directed 10,000 BCThe Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, 2012 and Independence Day: ResurgenceWhat White House Down brings us that none of his other films accomplish, is a fun and Die Hardesque story of heroism against terrorism, with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx who bring a lot of talent to the film. The story is your bland action film, but what makes it fun is the action itself. 2012 may have horrible ratings, as have the other of his films, but what they do have besides weak characters are impressive visuals, and in an action film, visuals mean a lot. The actors, if not the characters themselves, can hold the rest of the movie on their shoulders, and made it one hell of a lot of fun to watch in theaters.

3) Chronicle directed by Josh Trank. Josh Trank has only directed two films that I’ve seen, the other one being Fantastic Fourwhich is widely known as being one of the worst movies recently. F4 was a production nightmare, with a lot of the blame falling on Trank, yet he blaming the studio for changing the movie at the last second before shooting. Because of this, he was fired from his job directed a Star Wars movie, and many reports came out that he always showed up to work drunk, high, and unwilling to do anything for the movie. This is why Josh Track is despised by studios, and fans hated him because he ruined a potential great franchise, and now we have to wait years for another version of this film. His movie Chronicle was great, however, but I refuse to give Trank credit for it; the cast is what made this movie fantastic, with the direction being sloppy and the writing being decent at best.

2) Phone Booth directed by Joel ShumacherPhone Booth is a fantastic movie on multiple levels, with the contained thriller aspect and a character who is put in an extremely tense situation that he is in for almost the entire run time. Colin Farrell stars as Stu, and when he goes into a phone booth, he calls his mistress, and then his wife. Afterwards, the phone rings, and he answers it, with an unknown man on the other line who seems to know who Stu is and what is going on in his life. The man begins threatening Stu and tells him that he will shoot Stu if Stu doesn’t do what he says, and for the rest of the movie, we have a great thriller and cat-and-mouse style contained film, that all takes place inside of this phone booth. The reason that Joel Shumacher is a director that I don’t like is because he single-handedly killed Batman… and by that I mean, he directed Batman Forever and Batman & Robinwhich ended the franchise, and got an incredible amount of hate for everything that happened in it. I, of course, am not a fan of the Tim Burton Batman films, but I am really not a fan of these either at all.

1) The Rock directed by Michael Bay. This man even admitted to the world that he makes movies for teenage boys, and when he started to give a speech about what kinds of work he does for his movies, he walked off stage because his teleprompter wasnt working; this leads me to believe that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. However, he actually has a number of films that I really enjoy, and that number is five! I like Bad Boys I and IIas well as Pain & Gain, The Island and this, which was one of my absolute favorite films as a young adult. This film is one of the best action films in history, and although it’s directed by the guy behind Transformers 1-4, Armageddonand Pearl HarborI don’t really dislike Michael Bay at all, but I think that the fact that I hate the Transformers film so badly, and because people still hate on them and he doesn’t change them at all, and he hyper-sexualizes all women to a ridiculous extent, and he has a 15-year-old girl in the new film who looks objectively good (and I would have guessed 18 if I didn’t see her IMDb page), like all of the rest of the girls, but she’s 15 which is despicable, and seeing how that whole “Romeo and Juliet” law in Transformers: Age of Extinction is just an excuse for objectifying barely-legal women. Low angles, reused shots, and bad directing makes these films make me angry. Urgh

Anyways, that’s my list, what is yours? If you enjoyed this, comment and share! Don’t forget to check out my other posts or my Instagram account for even more content! As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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