Best of the Week: La La Land

Since I’ve been so busy with school, work, and projects, I haven’t seen many movies lately, but I did see La La Land again, so, of course, that was my favorite film of the week! Honestly, whether I watched 1 or 1 Million films this week, this one would still be my favorite; I’m strongly starting to believe that it may be my all-time favorite movie. I usually don’t consider giving a film the title or modifier of “favorite” until at least 5 viewings over a period of time, but I’ve never seen a movie 5 times in as short of a time period as I’ll probably end up having seen this film soon. Since I’ve reviewed this film (read that here), and since it’s been by Best of the Week film for the last two weeks (here and then here), there’s not too much that I haven’t already said, but I’ll do my best to come up with some things yet to be mentioned by me about this movie…

SPOILERS… read my review for a spoiler-free edition.

One element that struck me that I forgot to discuss in my other posts about this film was the way they used wardrobe and setting, and how much emphasis they put on this. No single thread of fabric was an accident, and the colors they wore were always unique in their surroundings and paired very well with any dancing partner they had. A few people that I saw this with last night focused on how sad the ending was, but I think that the bittersweet aspect often gets written off as just “depressing” in contrast to the happy content that preceded it. I love the ending, as the look Mia and Seb share together in the final frames are telling each other that they’ll always love each other, and that even though it didn’t work out how they’d hoped (dreamed), that they’re thankful for what they had and they’d do it all over again if they had the chance.

To me, this movie is about following your heart no matter what, and that your path may cross with somebody else’s and give you both the greatest thing you’ll ever know, but eventually that path will end and you will both go your separate ways. Of course, the beauty is in the fleeting moments we share with other people, and though these precious moments are fleeting, they are far from futile; just because they don’t end up together doesn’t mean that what they had was a waste, because it was beautiful in every way in every moment. To explain further: just because you know you’re going to die someday doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the most of your life when you still have it. The same goes for what Seb and Mia had together, and they made the most of it. Looking back on it, Seb realizes that if he didn’t join The Messengers, then he’d still be with Mia, but he wouldn’t own the club that he’s always dreamed of opening. In the end, it’s either Mia or the club, and though he’s happy with the club, there will always be a part of him who will want Mia instead. The same goes for Mia, and how she feels about Seb as well as her success in where she currently is in life; neither of them would have been able to be with the other person and follow their dream at the same time without sacrificing one or the other.

So, that’s all I’m going to write for now in this post. Again, feel free to read my other posts for more information about the film and what I think about it, as well as light analysis in regards to the plot and it’s meaning. I’m definitely going to see this movie in the Best Picture showcase, and probably before that as well, so don’t be surprised if I write about this movie again in the next month or so! Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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