Top 5: Films of this Decade

This week’s Top 5 Friday category was chosen by @moviereview.insta, give that page some love! To be the person who is featured in the blog and chooses next week’s category, leave a comment on my Instagram post for this challenge! Without further adieu, let’s count down our 5 Favorite films of This Decade!

5) NightcrawlerHere is a film I saw on opening night and had not been more immersed in a film experience in a long time. In fact, I was so invested in the story, that after one scene was drawing to a close, I was thinking “okay, that’s the end of Act II, and here’s in the beginning of Act III,” at which point the closing credits started playing and I was shocked. I was so into the film that 2 hours had flown by without me realizing that it was any longer than maybe 80-90 minutes. The writing of the story and characters are what made this film interesting, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is what makes this film absolutely amazing. He is mesmerizing in the most terrifying ways; he even claimed to do his best to not blink at all in the film to add to the intensity and focus of his character… and it worked. This beautifully directed movie about a man who slowly becomes more and more insane to become famous is just fantastic and every way, and one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s definitely in my top 50. (this blurb was taken from my Gyllenhaal post)

4) PrisonersHere is one of my Top 20 films ever made, and my favorite film of 2013 alongside GravityThis film is about Hugh Jackman‘s character, who’s daughter and her friend go missing, and it’s up to that obsessed father and a determined cop, Gyllenhaal, to track down the person who kidnapped them. This movie is completely full of amazing performances, and twists and turns that will keep you guessing incorrectly until the credits. Also, Denis Villeneuve introduces himself to American cinema in amazing ways, following up this film with Sicario and Arrivaland Blade Runner 2049 in just a few months. He made the greatest kidnapping film that I’ve ever seen, and directed Jackman and Gyllenhaal in their most vulnerable performances in their silver screen history. This is a film for the ages, and it’s a powerhouse masterpiece if ever there was one. See it, see it, see it, and see it again. (this blurb was taken from my Gyllenhaal post)

3) WhiplashOut of nowhere, newcomer Damien Chazelle has blown everybody away with his jazz-loving drum film about a young boy with the determination and skill to be one of the best musicians who has ever lived. He has the tools to succeed, his only problem now is trying to prove it to the people around him who doubt him and who push him beyond his limits. Miles Teller plays the drummer, and J.K. Simmons plays his coach (of sorts) who go head-to-head in a musical battle of wits, test of skill and torturous proving of worth. J.K. Simmons won an oscar for his performance, and this film was nominated for Best Picture, even, which surprised none of the people who saw it in theaters! It’s an extremely intense film that I’ve seen about half of a dozen times, and four of those times were within the first few weeks of seeing it (saying that reminds me of another film by this director…) and this film easily goes down as one of my favorite films ever made.

2) InceptionWhat can be said about Christopher Nolan‘s masterpiece that hasn’t already been said? This movie is one of the most intelligent and original films ever made, it’s story is unforgettable and it’s unpredictability keeps its audience on their toes throughout single every scene. Most of that is achieved through sheer ingenuity, but the way that the film plays with time allows for no slacking on the part of the audience’s attention- one has to follow along closely as to not get lost in the film. If people thought Memento was beginners luck, Nolan proved them wrong with Batman Beginsagain with The Prestigeeven more so with The Dark Knight, and now there is no doubt that he is the greatest director working today. Inception stands for everything that we love about Nolan: an original story that you won’t find anywhere else, the way he plays with time to show things out of order and emphasize key moments, breathtaking visuals and performances by the entire cast, and very intimate character-driven plots that don’t get lost in the blockbuster scope that the film offers. This film is perfection.

1) La La LandIf you’ve been following my blog here, you’d know that this film has been claiming all of my awards: it has won Best of the Week three times, Best of the Month twice, Best of the Year for 2016, and now to top it all off: Best of the Decade! As of now, I have about seven different posts involving this film, and you can read any of them to hear me gush about it, so I’ll just repeat myself here: I’ve seen this film three times and it still blows me away in every way; I’ve never seen a movie so beautiful in story and production. It’s the most heart-warming, -pounding, -breaking, -melting, -shattering, unforgettably mesmerizing defibrillator of aesthetic enthusiasm that I’ve ever seen on film! And no, that’s not an over-hyped over-statement, I’m serious about this film…If you haven’t been blown away by a movie in a little while, then this is the movie that you need to see. Check out any of my aforementioned posts regarding this film for more content, or read my full initial review!

Well, that’s my list! Check out my Instagram page to read @moviereview.insta’s list and what he thinks about them! As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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