Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?

This week’s Movie Question is in honor of last week’s incredible film, Loganwhich marked the end of Hugh Jackman‘s career as the Clawed Crusader. Since Wolverine is (was) Fox’s most famous and notable hero, and now that that hero has retired his claws, what will happen next? Most likely, the character and franchise will need some sort of reboot or soft reboot, which happened with Days of Future Past/Apocalypse but the character of Wolverine will still need to be recast so that he can go on, or restart, in the franchise. So, my question to you: who would you choose to recast as James/Logan/Wolverine in any future films?

My pick: Tom Hardy

Yeah, sure, basic. He’s sort of an obvious choice and somebody that everybody chooses for every role, but in this post I’m going to outline why he is a great choice for the character, whether or not I’m saying anything new.

His Age. One thing that I loved about the X-Men franchise was that Jackman played sort of an aged Wolverine as is. He shouldn’t be young like Spider-Man or even like any popular hero, he should be more gruff like Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne or Robert Downey Jr.‘s Tony Stark. This man needs to have seen some shit and have a long history by the time we meet him. We don’t need to see an origin story with him, seeing flashbacks works better because it allows us to relate to him more; the less we know about him, the better because he doesn’t know anything about himself either. Furthermore, his ability to be a savage badass sort of increases by choosing an older actor to portray him, and he is able to be that paternal character when he needs to be,  unleashing the animal instinct to protect the other X-Men was a great trait in X2 and that’s something that could be great to see in future films with a new Wolverine.

The Ultimate Badass with a Heart. If you haven’t seen Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Risesor in Mad Max Fury Road… or in The Revenant….or in Warrioror in Bronsonor in Lawlessjust know that this man can be absolutely insane when he needs to be. He can be fierce, furious, and terrifying without trying and would make a killer Wolverine. Even looking at Mad Max, he doesn’t do much but how he acts with few works but still kicking ass. The Revenant offered up a Tom Hardy that was more like the Wolverine that I’d like to see from him; somebody insane and relentless. On the other hand, in Warrior (as well), or The Drop, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spyor Inceptionwe can easily see how much depth he can bring to a role, and even if he doesn’t have long monologuing scenes to pour his heart out in, it works perfectly for him because he’s somebody who can act with his eyes more than most and it’s that intensity yet subtlety that would be perfect for this role as well.

Commitment to a Franchise. Tom Hardy, as of now, has only been in one franchise film in The Dark Knight Rises. He was in the Mad Max reboot in 2015 but no sequels are promised to follow. So, his schedule seems to be only full of standalones like Dunkirk and passion projects like Taboo. I think that being in a film every year, with varying degrees of prominence in such films, would be reasonable for his career and a franchise would definitely solidify him as a great actor in modern cinema. He picks damn good scripts but films like Legend, Warrior, Locke, The Drop, etc. all underperformed or lost a lot of money and only the films that he co-stars along with somebody famous or supports somebody else actually do well at the box office. I think having him play an iconic character will be great for his box office numbers and career in general, and of course, he’ll have the time in his schedule if he decides to do so.

Powerhouse Actor. To finish this off, let’s end with the obvious. He’s a great and popular actor. Many people would be skeptical that The Wolverine could be played by anybody else after Hugh Jackman because, let’s face it, Jackman is absolutely perfect in the role. However, did you see the picture in the Image on this Post? That’s what Hardy could look like as The Wolverine… and it’s amazing. Hardy could really sell the whole “reboot” thing and kill skepticism in the audience members, whether or not they were fans of the previous X-Men films at all. Going unknown as Marvel did with Peter Parker could be a smart move as well, but I think that Hardy being in the role would just work better for the X-Men franchise and sell the idea of somebody taking up the mantle and helming the rebooted character property.

Well, those are my thoughts but I’d love to hear yours now! Who would you pick and why? As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

Published by Blake Carson Schwarz

Indiana University graduate in Media and Creative Writing. I love to write my own stories as well as experience the work of others. On this site, I post reviews, essays, and other fun posts that I hope you have as much fun reading and I have writing. Please share any comments you have, I'd be happy to hear what you think! *Never a critic, always a fan*

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