Movie Question: Two-Part Series Finales

In this era of cinema, movie franchises are everywhere you look; one day or another, they all have to end. The trilogy seems to be the most common, popular and successful medium of movie series,’ and that’s probably because a trilogy as a whole (in parallel with a movie’s three-act-structure) offers a beginning, a middleContinue reading “Movie Question: Two-Part Series Finales”

Best of the Week: The Magnificent Seven

Of the films that I watched this week, 1960’s classic western, The Magnificent Seven stands out the most. I saw this between viewings of Seven Samurai and 2016’s The Magnificent Seven, but I enjoyed this film more overall; while there are many elements in Seven Samurai that I thought were accomplished more successfully, and the same with this year’s remake, the original western standsContinue reading “Best of the Week: The Magnificent Seven”