Annihilation (Movie Review)

Since I’ve been starting to try to review everything I watch/read/play, I’ve noticed myself thinking of what I’ll write as the story progresses. This movie was no different for that new habit, but as the film concluded I suddenly found myself at a loss for words. How do I write about this movie, or anyContinue reading “Annihilation (Movie Review)”

What is the Best Order to Watch the X-Men Films in?

One of my absolute favorite parts of being a fan of movie franchises is the ability to shape the series like clay; pulling it apart and restructuring it to make something completely different. Granted, this cannot be done with most franchises but with the rise of the Cinematic Universe taking ahold of modern production companies,Continue reading “What is the Best Order to Watch the X-Men Films in?”

Defining “Superhero Films”

Collider Videos is publishing a series on YouTube titled “Top 50 Superhero Films,” and in that video series they present their collective ranking of the best superhero films of all time. In that spirit, I decided to do the same thing, but ran into an issue: how do we define “superhero films”? At first glance,Continue reading “Defining “Superhero Films””

Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide

(Updated through Nov 2017!) With Marvel films being released twice per year since 2013, and three times per year starting in 2018, one might feel as though it’s become an overwhelming task to jump on the bandwagon. Your peers, coworkers, friends, kids and even just people on the street all seem to be raving aboutContinue reading “Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide”

Question: Time Travel (The Elite Law of Fours)

Understanding and Analyzing Cinematic Time Travel Science Fiction is a legendary genre of film with countless subgenres, each subgenre having it’s own blockbusters as well as cult classics; sci-fi films involving time-travel are particularly divisive as the theme of traveling through time alone can either “make or break” a narrative. In this essay, I willContinue reading “Question: Time Travel (The Elite Law of Fours)”

Analysis: Do the Right Thing

pSpike Lee’s Do the Right Thing is a film that relies heavily on dialogue to convey it’s messages and themes, and this is apparent when characters speak directly to the audience by breaking the fourth wall. However, what’s even more important than the information that the audience hears in the film is the information that theContinue reading “Analysis: Do the Right Thing”