The Best Viewing Order of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Weekly Essay)

Captain Marvel is finally here, which means two things: Endgame is right around the corner, and the end of Marvel Phase Three is imminent. As is my tradition whenever a new Marvel Cinematic Universe film is released, I like to play around with the order a bit to find the best possible way to watch the films. TheContinue reading “The Best Viewing Order of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Weekly Essay)”

Alita, and the Problems of New Sci-Fi

As of today, Alita: Battle Angel has made approximately 15% of what it needs to make for the studio to feel at least comfortable with its performance. Needless to say, that won’t happen (at least not here in the US). The Chinese movie market will most likely make up heavily for the poor performance here but theContinue reading “Alita, and the Problems of New Sci-Fi”

My First 25 Platinum Trophies (Discussion 2/4)

Between the end of July and the beginning of December, I was quite the trophy hunter and had a goal of 25 Platinums by the end of the year. However, I wanted that 25th Platinum to be something I worked really hard for. Red Dead Redemption II and Hollow Knight were both prospects but some trophies were just aContinue reading “My First 25 Platinum Trophies (Discussion 2/4)”

Paddington and the LEGO Movies (Weekly Essay 1/30)

Without fail, anytime that I bring up recommendations for movies like Paddington 2, The LEGO Movie, or even Wreck-It Ralph and How to Train Your Dragon, it seems as though people look at me like I’ve just told them that time travel is possible if you just walk towards the SW edge of the flat-Earth and then do the hokey-pokey. MyContinue reading “Paddington and the LEGO Movies (Weekly Essay 1/30)”

What Are You Looking Forward to in 2019? (Discussion 1/28)

2018 was a decent year for movies, weird year for music, amazing year for games, and television has really never seen better days (I hear). However, the past is in our behind and it’s time to look forward to what’s coming this year. Granted, it’s February already but January is usually considered sort of aContinue reading “What Are You Looking Forward to in 2019? (Discussion 1/28)”

What is the Best Order to Watch the X-Men Films in?

One of my absolute favorite parts of being a fan of movie franchises is the ability to shape the series like clay; pulling it apart and restructuring it to make something completely different. Granted, this cannot be done with most franchises but with the rise of the Cinematic Universe taking ahold of modern production companies,Continue reading “What is the Best Order to Watch the X-Men Films in?”

Defining “Superhero Films”

Collider Videos is publishing a series on YouTube titled “Top 50 Superhero Films,” and in that video series they present their collective ranking of the best superhero films of all time. In that spirit, I decided to do the same thing, but ran into an issue: how do we define “superhero films”? At first glance,Continue reading “Defining “Superhero Films””

Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?

This week’s Movie Question is in honor of last week’s incredible film, Logan, which marked the end of Hugh Jackman‘s career as the Clawed Crusader. Since Wolverine is (was) Fox’s most famous and notable hero, and now that that hero has retired his claws, what will happen next? Most likely, the character and franchise will need someContinue reading “Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?”

Question: Are You Happy with The Oscar Results?

The 89th Academy Awards were held last night and as always, there are upsets and surprises. Looking at the results, what were your predictions, and did those predictions end up being right? I will be looking at each category, listing the nominees, stating the winner as well as what my prediction was. Additionally, I willContinue reading “Question: Are You Happy with The Oscar Results?”