Best 4th Movie in a Series (Top 5 Friday)

Look, I know this is a weird topic idea but the only film that’s coming out this weekend is Endgame and I’ve already done Top 5 Marvel, Superhero, Comicbook, etc lists so let’s change it up: the best fourth movie in a series. Since Avengers 4 is here, let’s take a look at what other memorable seriesContinue reading “Best 4th Movie in a Series (Top 5 Friday)”

Best Feel-Good Movies (Top 5 Friday)

This site has been fairly focused on the bombastic recently but this week, I thought we could slow things down a bit and look at the best feel-good movies. I have a list on Letterboxd simply titled Peliculas Sobre Personas to keep track of human-centric tales but I thought I’d go ahead and rank that list toContinue reading “Best Feel-Good Movies (Top 5 Friday)”

Best Superhero Movies 2015-2018 (Top 5 Friday)

Shazam! his theaters this weekend and my review for it is currently available for you to check out. In this edition of Top 5 Friday, in honor of the aforementioned Shazam, we’ll be taking a look at the best superhero movies of the latter half of this decade. For argument’s sake, I’m going to keep this list toContinue reading “Best Superhero Movies 2015-2018 (Top 5 Friday)”

Top 5 Horror Movies of 2015-2018 (Top 5 Friday)

In honor of Jordan Peele’s Us being released in theaters this week, I thought it would be a swell idea to go back and look at some of the other great scary movies of the latter half of this decade. To make this more difficult for me, I decided to rank them from least-amazing to most-amazing…and pickContinue reading “Top 5 Horror Movies of 2015-2018 (Top 5 Friday)”

Who Should Be The Next Batman (Top 5 Friday 2/1/19)

It seems as though we have a conversation like this just about every year; whether the topic is Batman, Superman, James Bond, or Son of Character X, there’s never any time that casting speculation is dead. This week, we have Batman to talk about because Ben Affleck decided to hang up his cape and cowlContinue reading “Who Should Be The Next Batman (Top 5 Friday 2/1/19)”

Top 5 Friday: Comics That Would Make Great Films (or Series)

In my last semester at IU, I took a few writing courses and one literature course in which we studied “The Poetry of Comics.” It is one of my favorite classes I’d taken and I find myself thinking about the material learned more so than other classes I’ve had. One thing I remember very wellContinue reading “Top 5 Friday: Comics That Would Make Great Films (or Series)”

Top 5: Movies You Thought Would Suck

In honor of Logan, which is a film that I saw last night and that surprised the hell out of me with how amazing it was, let’s take a look back at some other films that surprised me. This week’s Top 5 Friday: Top Five Movies You Thought Would Suck… but Didn’t! 5) The Wolverine. It’s safe to sayContinue reading “Top 5: Movies You Thought Would Suck”

Top 5: Films of this Decade

This week’s Top 5 Friday category was chosen by @moviereview.insta, give that page some love! To be the person who is featured in the blog and chooses next week’s category, leave a comment on my Instagram post for this challenge! Without further adieu, let’s count down our 5 Favorite films of This Decade! 5) Nightcrawler. Here isContinue reading “Top 5: Films of this Decade”

Top 5: Animated Films of 2016

This week’s Top 5 Friday Challenge was chosen by @fleafilms, give that page a follow! If you’d like to be the person who chooses next week’s category at gets a shoutout on this blog (as well as Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram) comment your picks for this challenge on my Instagram page, under this post! Since 2016 is over,Continue reading “Top 5: Animated Films of 2016”