You (Season One Review)

If La La Land made everybody want to go and experience Los Angeles, You will make everyone want to stay as far away from New York City as possible. As the Netflix synposis states “Boy meets Girl, Boy falls for Girl…just how far will Boy go to get Girl?” and it’s pretty much about as apt a description canContinue reading “You (Season One Review)”

Downsizing (Movie Review)

Being able to stream movies is a blessing; the ability to catch up on films missed, rewatch old classics, or discover new stories is always an exciting part of modern movie watching…in theory. In 2017, one of the holiday movie releases that I was most anticipated was a film called Downsizing from director Alexander Payne (The Descendants,Continue reading “Downsizing (Movie Review)”

Review Plan (Week Ending 3/17)

With so much to read, watch, play, and write, I’ve decided to compartmentalize each of these by making a sort of “schedule” for each week. For every week, I’ll aim to watch one season of television, play one game, read one book, and watch three to five movies. However, since sometimes a book might beContinue reading “Review Plan (Week Ending 3/17)”

Silent Night, Hollow Knight

As mentioned in my previous post, I simply had to share my thoughts on Hollow Knight in its own essay; condensing them into a paragraph would’ve been cruel thievery since there’s just so much to talk about. While I waited to post this, I am still writing it before I planned to. I wanted toContinue reading “Silent Night, Hollow Knight”

My 2018 In Review

2018 was a great year for me: I graduated from college, moved across the States, and expanded my entertainment horizons. Instead of just focusing on movies, I decided to divert much of my attention towards shows, games, music, and books as well, which have really made an impact on my life as a whole. IContinue reading “My 2018 In Review”

Dear Parents of Video-Gaming Kids

Around 2011, I made a PowerPoint presentation for my parents as a persuasive method to get them to understand why video games were awesome, and why they were so much more than what they remember them being. Video games have, historically, been simply a pastime; a “waste of time,” even. From Pong to Donkey Kong, video games were enjoyableContinue reading “Dear Parents of Video-Gaming Kids”

The Problems of the Video Game Industry

My biggest problems with the video game industry lie with video games as an industry– the focusing on milking gamers for loose change is a greedy tactic that has been stripping the art of video games from their beautiful and relaxing nature. Now, instead of spending $60 to get a game, you’re spending upwards of $200 inContinue reading “The Problems of the Video Game Industry”

The Hardback Epilogue Workout Routine

If you’ve been following my blog within the last two to three weeks, you may have seen how I’ve been posting a few challenges for fans of entertainment, as well as fitness and health. For movie fans, I created the Elite Movie challenge and the Commercial Break workout routine to go alongside it. For videoContinue reading “The Hardback Epilogue Workout Routine”

The Elite Movie Challenge

A few days ago, I posted my “Elite Game Challenge” which only means that I must also create one for movies (and maybe books…?). Since I’ve gotten a decent amount (like 3) of emails/facebook messages inquiring more about the process and details (it’s all free, I just created these for fun and wanted to challengeContinue reading “The Elite Movie Challenge”