The “Pre-Game Lobby” Workout Routine

Eight years ago, I was running track, cross country, and training for the mini-marathon. Since I was only 15, I couldn’t drive to the gym which meant I had to get creative with my at-home workouts but at the same time, I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 like it was a full-timeContinue reading “The “Pre-Game Lobby” Workout Routine”


So you think you’re a gamer? Let’s see… For people who love video games, challenges, and storytelling, I have created something just for you: The Elite Game Challenge! This challenge has three difficulties that you may choose from, and each difficulty has three parts that must be completed before moving on. The challenges start veryContinue reading “The ELITE GAME CHALLENGE”

Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide

(Updated through Nov 2017!) With Marvel films being released twice per year since 2013, and three times per year starting in 2018, one might feel as though it’s become an overwhelming task to jump on the bandwagon. Your peers, coworkers, friends, kids and even just people on the street all seem to be raving aboutContinue reading “Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide”

July 2017 Blockbuster Preview

With Summer 2017 now in full swing, let’s go ahead and take a look at what July has to offer in terms of blockbuster releases. For this week’s Movie Fight, I’m going to compare and contrast the marketing and, dare I say, “hype” for two of the bigger releases, and I’ve left out Valerian andContinue reading “July 2017 Blockbuster Preview”

Adaptation Comparison: The BFG

The BFG is a 1982 young adult fantasy novel published by Roald Dahl about a young girl, Sophie, who gets taken away in the night by the titular Big Friendly Giant. The story is very simple and takes place all in one day: the Giant takes Sophie back to his cave, they learn about each other’sContinue reading “Adaptation Comparison: The BFG”

Top 5: Batman Movies

In honor of today’s release of The LEGO Batman Movie (which I saw last night), let’s countdown our favorite Batman films in this week’s Top 5 Friday! 5) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this film, but I remember being very much impressed with the story and what all it did for Bruce WayneContinue reading “Top 5: Batman Movies”

Best of January 2017

January has been the slowest month for movies for me in over two years, and if I had not gone to Sundance and taken a week off of school and work, I would not have seen more than five films! That’s a pretty sad thought for me because stories drive me and my imagination, andContinue reading “Best of January 2017”

Movie Fight: Birdman vs The Revenant

This week’s Movie Fight was chosen by, give that page a follow on Instagram, or check out his blog right here! To be the person who chooses next week’s Fight and gets a shoutout, comment your vote for this week’s challenge on my Instagram post! Which is your favorite, Birdman or The Revenant? TheseContinue reading “Movie Fight: Birdman vs The Revenant”