When I started this journey back in July 2014, my posts were simple. On Instagram, I would just post a picture of the movie poster and write a review in the comments. Between August and November, I gathered about 900 followers who were just into my movie posts. I’d do give-aways, make fun lists, and try to participate in the community as much as possible. But, Instagram was limiting for long-form posts so I took it upon myself to make my own blog. Over the years, what started as The Cinema Man turned into The Cinema Men into The Cinema Elite and now has been The Entertainment Elite for a good while and I plan on keeping that one for as long as this blog lasts.

As I grow as a writer and as a blogger, I try to incorporate different elements into my focus such as Books, Games, TV Shows, and Industry-Specific Conversations. I like to rotate between them in the search for something that will inspire me to write things truly worthy of you attention. I’ve reduced my posts from scheduled every day to scheduled on MWF to scheduled only on Fridays with other posts coming as soon as I make them as good as they can be. It’s been great for me and for this site and I hope I can continue bringing you great essays and reviews for as long as you allow me to share them with you.

All of this to say: scroll over the “Others” link at the top for the drop-down menu to see some of the ways I’ve been branching out with writing unique content šŸ™‚

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