Love, Death, and Robots (Series Review)

(Spoiler-Free) Netflix recently released a new show titled Love, Death & Robots that calls itself an anthology series but really is a collection of short films with similar styles, themes, and genres (like a snack-size Black Mirror); so yeah, anthology.. All 18 shorts deal with science-fiction themes in some way, whether they fall on the spectrum of “slightlyContinue reading “Love, Death, and Robots (Series Review)”

Movie Fight: Taken vs John Wick

Taken vs John Wick: Which film reigns supreme? There are many elements that tie these films together, so we’re going to look at each of those and compare them! I chose this category because John Wick Chapter 2 comes out soon, and the IMDb rating as of now is at a 9.9/10… so why not give aContinue reading “Movie Fight: Taken vs John Wick”