Review: Band Aid

Band Aid is 2017 Sundance film starring, produced, written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones about a couple who start a band. Zoe Lister-Jones stars as Anna, a woman trying to start a family with her husband Ben (played by Adam Pally), but they have the problem of arguing over small things that always escalate intoContinue reading “Review: Band Aid”

Best of January 2017

January has been the slowest month for movies for me in over two years, and if I had not gone to Sundance and taken a week off of school and work, I would not have seen more than five films! That’s a pretty sad thought for me because stories drive me and my imagination, andContinue reading “Best of January 2017”

My Sundance Trip Overview

So, I’ve been gone for a week, which is why this page as been lacking in its usual steady stream of content. I’ve spent the last week in Park City, Utah to experience the Sundance Film Festival! This week’s Movie Question essay will be replaced by this overview of my trip, with a short day-to-dayContinue reading “My Sundance Trip Overview”