My Problem with the Black Panther Oscar Nomination

(I’m hitting you guys with the good ol’ fashioned quadruple uploads today!) First thing’s first: I love Marvel movies. If you’ve read more than a single post on this entire blog, you’re most likely well aware of that fact. There is no franchise that has consistently satisfied my moviegoing desires as well as the MCU,Continue reading “My Problem with the Black Panther Oscar Nomination”

Review: Moonlight

Moonlight Rewind Review! This is my second review of Moonlight, and usually I would just leave the first review alone and reattribute those thoughts to my most recent viewing, but I had such a different and incredible experience this time that I feel the need to re-review it as the masterpiece it is! Moonlight is a 2016 anthology filmContinue reading “Review: Moonlight”

Review: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a 2016 film directed by Theodore Melfi about the true story of three geniuses who worked for NASA and helped calculate and solve the moon landing in the Space Race against Russia. Taraji P. Henson plays Katherine Johnson, Janelle Monae plays Mary Jackson, and Octavia Spencer plays Dorothy Vaughn; all three of theseContinue reading “Review: Hidden Figures”

Best of February 2017

Hey, all! This post will serve as an update / “Best of February 2017” Post! If you follow this blog, you may notice that my “Best of the Week” posts have been slacking. That is simply because I watch maybe zero to two movies per week, and I review them all; Best of the WeekContinue reading “Best of February 2017”

Review: Fences

Fences is a 2016 drama directed by Denzel Washington and is based off the play by the same name written by August Wilson. This adaptation is also written by August Wilson (rest in peace) and stars Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen Henderson, Jovan Adepo, Russell Hornsby, and Mykelti Williamson in a story about a tough father and hisContinue reading “Review: Fences”

Best of the Week: La La Land

Yet again, the best film that I watched this week, without a doubt, is La La Land. Since I’ve  reviewed the film already, and since I wrote about it last week for my Best of the Week post, this is going to be slightly different. In this post, I’m going to be discussing aspects of the filmContinue reading “Best of the Week: La La Land”