The Umbrella Academy (Adaptation Comparison) [Ongoing Review]

In this Adaptation Comparison revival, I’m going to be taking a look at the new Netflix show The Umbrella Academy, and the Dark Horse comic book series that inspired it. Specifically, I’m going to be reading The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite and The Umbrella Academy: Dallas before diving into the Netflix series and comparing the source material to the new adaptation.Continue reading “The Umbrella Academy (Adaptation Comparison) [Ongoing Review]”

Top 5 Friday: Comics That Would Make Great Films (or Series)

In my last semester at IU, I took a few writing courses and one literature course in which we studied “The Poetry of Comics.” It is one of my favorite classes I’d taken and I find myself thinking about the material learned more so than other classes I’ve had. One thing I remember very wellContinue reading “Top 5 Friday: Comics That Would Make Great Films (or Series)”