Paddington and the LEGO Movies (Weekly Essay 1/30)

Without fail, anytime that I bring up recommendations for movies like Paddington 2, The LEGO Movie, or even Wreck-It Ralph and How to Train Your Dragon, it seems as though people look at me like I’ve just told them that time travel is possible if you just walk towards the SW edge of the flat-Earth and then do the hokey-pokey. MyContinue reading “Paddington and the LEGO Movies (Weekly Essay 1/30)”

Review: A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story marks writer/director David Lowery’s return to Sundance after helming Disney’s Pete’s Dragon this past year. This film is about a couple that lives happily together until the husband dies in a car accident. At that point, the story turns into a science fiction movie, as the ghost of the husband becomes theContinue reading “Review: A Ghost Story”

Best of January 2017

January has been the slowest month for movies for me in over two years, and if I had not gone to Sundance and taken a week off of school and work, I would not have seen more than five films! That’s a pretty sad thought for me because stories drive me and my imagination, andContinue reading “Best of January 2017”

Top 5: Animated Films of 2016

This week’s Top 5 Friday Challenge was chosen by @fleafilms, give that page a follow! If you’d like to be the person who chooses next week’s category at gets a shoutout on this blog (as well as Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram) comment your picks for this challenge on my Instagram page, under this post! Since 2016 is over,Continue reading “Top 5: Animated Films of 2016”

Fight: The Force Awakens vs Rogue One

This week’s Movie Fight challenge was chosen by @officialmoviereviewsdaily, give that page a follow on Instagram! To be the person who chooses the next category and gets a shoutout, be the first person to comment your picks for this challenge on my Instagram page post! With Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, they now have all of the rights to IndianaContinue reading “Fight: The Force Awakens vs Rogue One”