Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?

This week’s Movie Question is in honor of last week’s incredible film, Logan, which marked the end of Hugh Jackman‘s career as the Clawed Crusader. Since Wolverine is (was) Fox’s most famous and notable hero, and now that that hero has retired his claws, what will happen next? Most likely, the character and franchise will need someContinue reading “Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?”

Movie Question: Who Should Direct The Batman?

Now that Ben Affleck has officially left the project, after months of stating that he would (not) take the job, he finally admitted that he would turn the project down. He previously stated that if the script was not good (like Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad), then he wouldn’t direct the film; now, he is stating that hisContinue reading “Movie Question: Who Should Direct The Batman?”

Top 5: Films of this Decade

This week’s Top 5 Friday category was chosen by @moviereview.insta, give that page some love! To be the person who is featured in the blog and chooses next week’s category, leave a comment on my Instagram post for this challenge! Without further adieu, let’s count down our 5 Favorite films of This Decade! 5) Nightcrawler. Here isContinue reading “Top 5: Films of this Decade”