Question: Are You Happy with The Oscar Results?

The 89th Academy Awards were held last night and as always, there are upsets and surprises. Looking at the results, what were your predictions, and did those predictions end up being right? I will be looking at each category, listing the nominees, stating the winner as well as what my prediction was. Additionally, I willContinue reading “Question: Are You Happy with The Oscar Results?”

Top 5: Films of this Decade

This week’s Top 5 Friday category was chosen by @moviereview.insta, give that page some love! To be the person who is featured in the blog and chooses next week’s category, leave a comment on my Instagram post for this challenge! Without further adieu, let’s count down our 5 Favorite films of This Decade! 5) Nightcrawler. Here isContinue reading “Top 5: Films of this Decade”

Best of January 2017

January has been the slowest month for movies for me in over two years, and if I had not gone to Sundance and taken a week off of school and work, I would not have seen more than five films! That’s a pretty sad thought for me because stories drive me and my imagination, andContinue reading “Best of January 2017”

Best of the Week: La La Land

Yet again, the best film that I watched this week, without a doubt, is La La Land. Since I’ve  reviewed the film already, and since I wrote about it last week for my Best of the Week post, this is going to be slightly different. In this post, I’m going to be discussing aspects of the filmContinue reading “Best of the Week: La La Land”