Audience Experience May Vary

Books. Movies. Games. The three of those media each specialize in certain forms of narrative storytelling, forms based around presentation and audience participation. In this essay, I’m going to briefly go over how I interpret these three forms of storytelling and how each differ in their pros and cons. Books First, books: the classic formContinue reading “Audience Experience May Vary”

The Hardback Epilogue Workout Routine

If you’ve been following my blog within the last two to three weeks, you may have seen how I’ve been posting a few challenges for fans of entertainment, as well as fitness and health. For movie fans, I created the Elite Movie challenge and the Commercial Break workout routine to go alongside it. For videoContinue reading “The Hardback Epilogue Workout Routine”

The Elite Book Challenge

To continue (and complete) these series of Entertainment Challenges, it’s about time we rounded things out with the oldest source of storytelling our cultures have to offer: books. Visual storytelling media such as games and movies have been around for less than a century, and even less than that if we’re going by contemporary standards,Continue reading “The Elite Book Challenge”

Adaptation Comparison: Memento Mori (Memento)

Spoiler warning here for both! The Book (Short Story) Memento MoriĀ is a short story written by Jonathan Nolan about a man named Earl who has short term memory loss. The story is written nonlinearly and alternates sections in italics written in the first person addressed “you,” and the others in the third person as EarlContinue reading “Adaptation Comparison: Memento Mori (Memento)”

Review: House of Leaves

House of LeavesĀ is a novel released in 2000 by Mark Z. Danielewski about a house and the effects that this house has had on anybody who steps foot in it or reads about it. That’s probably about as simple as a synopsis could go on a plot this big; there is an unbelievable amount ofContinue reading “Review: House of Leaves”