Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide

(Updated through Nov 2017!) With Marvel films being released twice per year since 2013, and three times per year starting in 2018, one might feel as though it’s become an overwhelming task to jump on the bandwagon. Your peers, coworkers, friends, kids and even just people on the street all seem to be raving aboutContinue reading “Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide”

July 2017 Blockbuster Preview

With Summer 2017 now in full swing, let’s go ahead and take a look at what July has to offer in terms of blockbuster releases. For this week’s Movie Fight, I’m going to compare and contrast the marketing and, dare I say, “hype” for two of the bigger releases, and I’ve left out Valerian andContinue reading “July 2017 Blockbuster Preview”

Top 5: Most Anticipated of 2017

Since 2016 cinema is coming to a close (aside from the dozen or so that have yet to expand from their limited release), this week we’re taking a look in to the upcoming year and discussing which films we’re looking forward to most. This Top 5 Friday category was chosen by myself; to be theContinue reading “Top 5: Most Anticipated of 2017”