Defining “Superhero Films”

Collider Videos is publishing a series on YouTube titled “Top 50 Superhero Films,” and in that video series they present their collective ranking of the best superhero films of all time. In that spirit, I decided to do the same thing, but ran into an issue: how do we define “superhero films”? At first glance,Continue reading “Defining “Superhero Films””

Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide

(Updated through Nov 2017!) With Marvel films being released twice per year since 2013, and three times per year starting in 2018, one might feel as though it’s become an overwhelming task to jump on the bandwagon. Your peers, coworkers, friends, kids and even just people on the street all seem to be raving aboutContinue reading “Marvel Movies: A Beginner’s Guide”

Adaptation Comparison: Old Man Logan & Logan

The Book Old Man Logan is a graphic novel published in 2008, written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven. This story is about a post-apocalyptic world in which the Super Villains have wiped out all of the heroes and taken over the world. The Wolverine has long since retired and is living on aContinue reading “Adaptation Comparison: Old Man Logan & Logan”

Movie Fight: Batman v. Superman vs Suicide Squad

This is the year that DC started to truly compete with Marvel, at least as far as the idea of the Cinematic Universe goes. Marvel gifted us Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange while DC threw up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad; of course, I’m not going to pick any favorites between the studios at all… Today, we’reContinue reading “Movie Fight: Batman v. Superman vs Suicide Squad”